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Visit Phoenix VR Tour

Visit Phoenix approached me to create a portable Google Cardboard VR tour for their sales department. The goal was to help conference and event managers experience Phoenix and its conference center so they could make informed decisions about booking the center for their events. We worked meticulously to select and capture each site, choosing moments when each location was most dynamic and engaging. Our team visited popular events like First Fridays and Comic Con to film and showcase the best of Phoenix. We worked tirelessly to create an immersive and engaging VR experience that would make a lasting impression on clients.

The VR tour featured a mini-map, which displayed the location of each activity and floating points that guided users to their desired destination. The tour included a hot air balloon ride, a car racing experience, an early morning hike, and various locations around downtown Phoenix. My attention to detail paid off as the portable VR tour was met with great enthusiasm and led many new conference clients to choose the Phoenix Conference Center.

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