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SRP VR Experience

The SRP VR project for the heritage center was a complex and challenging undertaking that lasted almost three years. The project aimed to provide visitors with a comprehensive museum experience, including three BR stations, eight touchscreens, and a massive multi-screen touch display. The display featured multiple coded applications designed to withstand the rigors of multi-year public use.

The VR experience was immersive and took users to incredible new heights. They can experience a dam water release, rappel down, and even helicopter into high-intensity power lines. They were achieving this required research and development to combine drones and VR cameras in the early stages of the technology's development. Later, we innovated harnesses that met the safety requirements of the power company. These harnesses allowed us to record from a helicopter, a tower, and a person repelling from one to the other.

From scratch, we created a unity project that handled the navigation and experiences with 3-D sound to an Oculus Rift. These were later side-loaded into portable headsets for use in government applications and by visitors, bureaus, and other institutions to encourage travel and education to students throughout Arizona.

As this project required extensive collaboration with both a construction company and SRP, we had several scheduling meetings, can't charts, and many production reviews. We needed to stay on task and develop to the needs of the stakeholders. It remains one of the largest productions I have worked on, and the fruits of our labor are visible today. Since its development, we have also discussed using AR and emerging technologies to add to the heritage center.

SRP VR Treatment_v08
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SRP VR_Shotbreakdown_v07
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