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Quartz Crane Survey

Quart Site Vision is a company that specializes in mapping construction sites using construction cranes. By leveraging the latest technologies and automation tools, they help to streamline workflows and optimize the management of construction projects. As an experienced consultant, I was thrilled to be brought on board to work with their San Francisco team, assisting with developing photography and promotional materials for major industry events.

In my role as head of the R&D department, I was tasked with exploring new camera lenses and processing techniques to enhance the capabilities of their workflow management systems. Through close collaboration with designers and fabricators, we developed a range of innovative solutions that have helped transform the way construction sites are managed. From automated concrete inspections to real-time project progress tracking, Quartzite Vision is at the forefront of a new wave of technological innovation in the construction industry. Being a part of such a dynamic and visionary team is truly inspiring!

Project Gallery

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