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March Money Madness

I enjoy creating a visually engaging casino commercial for the Black Oak Casino Resort in California every month. These commercials are based on posters, the starting point for my creative process. My job is to bring these posters to life with timing, copywriting, animations, camera moves, and special effects.

In my most recent installment, which I produced over two weeks, I pulled out all the stops to create something truly spectacular. This commercial features a range of visual effects, including character animation, cloth simulations, volumetric lights, 2D and 3D particle animations, lens flares, and physical material workflow, which enhances the definition in a flexible color space.

I always relish the opportunity to bring something new and unique. Whether it's a new technique or a magical effect, I aim to engage the client and create a visually stunning commercial that stands out. With every project, I strive to improve my skills in the visual effects craft, ensuring that my work continues to set the bar for excellence in this field.

Project Gallery

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