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BIMaire Virtual Construction

BIMaire is an exceptional construction company gaining recognition for its cutting-edge modular house designs. I recently had the pleasure of presenting a demo of a virtual showroom I had created for them. This virtual showroom provided potential buyers an immersive experience, allowing them to customize every aspect of their dream home. From selecting the type of flooring to choosing the color of the walls, the virtual tour captured every detail of their preferences.

As the buyers navigated the virtual tour, every change they made was recorded and translated into a detailed floor plan and a cost estimate. This feature gave clients an accurate understanding of their dream home, including the size, layout, and cost. BIMaire was thoroughly impressed with the concept and decided to develop an automated floor plan generator. This new venture has since become highly profitable for them.

Seeing BIMaire's success has been an immense source of pride for me. I am inspired to continue innovating and optimizing workflow to help other companies achieve their goals.

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